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    Welcome to the community!

    Datmo is the collaborative network for developers and businesses to solve problems using machine intelligence. The tools enable users to find, repurpose and iterate around data and models with their team and the world.

    Feel free to introduce yourself and the problems faced while building AI models. We also look forward to hearing about Datmo tools and how we can help the community in building AI models much faster.

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  • Hi there! Anand here, one of the founders of Datmo. We built Datmo because we personally faced the problem of building, sharing, and collaborating to solve real problems with data science and machine learning. By creating a simple open-source methodology to do all of these we aim to enable all developers to take part in the AI revolution. Looking forward to getting to know all of you :)

  • Progress in A.I. requires different perspectives coming together to form a global community allowing for collaboration on multiple levels.

    I'm impressed by the potential.
    Looking forward to seeing this community grow

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts @nicolehu15! Definitely, agree with you. We at Datmo believe that building an ecosystem with a system of record for all reproducible AI models creates a space for collaboration which helps to solve real world problems using AI.

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